A Look into Singapore’s First Ever Whisky Bottle Subscription

Whisky subscriptions have come and go in Singapore, but always in the dram-sampling variety and never an entire bottle subscription. I personally find myself craving more after finishing a particularly alluring small dram sample, but unfortunately am left high and dry when the limited golden dew runs out.

Heart And Spirit Founders

Enter seasoned veterans Chris Chambers, former Master of Spirits at ATLAS, and Matthew Fergusson-Stewart, Managing Director of SPUN Spirits, who aim to deliver a carefully curated whole bottle of whisky to subscribers’ doorsteps every month. Through the online Heart & Spirits whisky bottle subscription program, aficionados can get access to interesting and unique bottle releases for a fixed monthly fee in Singapore.

Whisky bottle subscription tiers

There are currently three whisky subscription tiers which determine the breadth of spirits you will receive monthly:

Whisky Bottle Subscription Singapore Heart And Spirit

The Apprentice ($148 per month) – aimed towards those just starting to move beyond Supermarket-issue whiskies.

The Journeyman ($222 per month) – for those who want to build a serious (and fun) collection to impress.

The Master ($555 per month) – offering the finest and rarest whiskies available.

A focus on whisky education

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Opening the door to the whisky community through the concept of a whisky subscription, Heart & Spirits adds value through organized monthly Zoom sessions with master distillers and brand ambassadors for all subscribers. Whenever possible, high-quality product specific information from the distillery or independent bottler will be included along with your bottle delivery.

For those who are familiar with the Singapore whisky community, Matthew and Chris have been very involved with spreading the love of whisky for years and are hardly new names.

Whisky Subscription Singapore 051728864

I found the whisky tasting notebook that came with my delivery especially useful for remembering the vast number of whiskies for future reference and purchase again.

Heart & Spirits’ goal is to avoid the commonplace bottles and focus instead on delivering unique whisky experiences in Singapore they can’t find anywhere else—this is made possible through Chris and Matthew’s diverse knowledge and trade relations.

“You won’t find our selections in the supermarket or in duty-free. While some may be found in specialist retailers or bars, we are able to offer them at the same or a better price than what is usually available to the public, as well as getting access to educational and fun perks along the way”, according to Chris.

whisky subscription heart and spirits

You might not get a diverse range of small drams like other whisky subscriptions in Singapore, however, through Heart & Spirit’s program you do get the satisfaction of sharing with friends an entire bottle of exquisite whisky rather than take meekly sips from samples.

If one must drink, drink like a king I say. Check out this whisky bottle subscription if you’re ready to go big and stay home.