5 Reasons To Love Whisky Live 2015 and Why You Need a Ticket Now


Whisky, a strictly regulated spirit made from fermented grain mash. Whisky, an anglicisation of the Classical Gaelic word uisce, meaning ‘water’. Whiskey, a derivative of its’ term in Latin, aqua vitae, ‘water of life’.

This baby needs no introduction and some of us may have been way too acquainted with it on certain nights where fragmented memories played a possible huge role. Or the occasional image of powerful business men holding onto a cigar and swirling a whisky on the rocks, discussing their next big billion dollar plan.

Even if you don’t fall under any of these categories, it doesn’t mean whisky isn’t for you. Especially in Singapore, whisky has been made more accessible and more people are jumping onto the whisky loving bandwagon. To hell with stereotypes and alcohol marginalisation. Free the whisky! Free the people!

Whisky Live 2015 is back in Singapore and what better way to get chummier and more in love with whisky than at the Whisky Live event. For the unconvinced, I am utterly devastated but here’s another 5 more reasons to head down to Whisky Live 2015.

1. Other than Whisky, There’s Going to be Loads of Rum


There’s always a chance of intersection between whisky lovers and rum lovers. This intersection is also termed as a purveyor of fine spirits and these good people are in fortune this Whisky Live 2015.

Mr. Luca Gargano, a legendary man in the rum industry, will be hosting the Masterclass session where he will introduce Velier’s range of supreme rums that are highly in demand, such as Caroni, Clairin, Diamond, Enmore, Uitvlugt and many more.

2. You Can Get Pampered with a Full Whisky Live staycation Package

Due to the popularity of last year’s event, Whiskey Live 2015 is extending itself to a 2 day event and including an extra staycation Night Package for all you lovely purveyors to feel pampered at a steal. The package includes two express passes to the Collector Room and VIP Relaxing room over the 2 day event, with an overnight stay for 2 at Capella Singapore.

Breakfast will be served, in bed or not, you decide. It also includes your authority to have drams from the Collector Room. You also do not have to worry about staggering out of Whiskey Live 2015 and making an arduous journey home when you feel slightly too jolly for your own good.

3. Guerilla-Style Cocktails from the Best Bars in Singapore


If whisky on the rocks doesn’t really float your boat, there are pop-up bars at Whisky Live 2015 as well. Exciting, invigorating and delicious cocktails will be available and you know you’re in good hands because these hands hail from some of Singapore’s best bars. Think 28 Hong Kong Street, L’Aiglon, Tippling Club, Sugarhall, The Library, Anti:dote, Spiffy Dapper, FOC and Longplay.

4. Tummy Therapy with Quality Food

Drinking begets more drinking but how can there be a lack of quality food to go with it. Whisky Live 2015 promises only the most exquisite selections such as smoky creations from Burnt Ends and Meat Smith, delectable tapas from FOC, Mexican delights from El Mero Mero and fine-dining from Sorrel for the marriage made in heaven with the drinks.

Not only that, the event boasts of 5 different shifts throughout the day, with each consisting of a different restaurant and two bars of the same theme.

5. The Most Famous and Rare Whiskies Will be Available for Tasting


Purveyors or not, you’ll be sure to be charmed by the wide array of whiskies and spirits at the event. We are talking about some of the most famous distilleries in the world such as Aberlour, Bruichladdich, GlenDronach, Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Hudson, Kavalan, Nikka and other well known spirits from Don Papa, Hendricks, Monkey 47, Monkey Shoulder, Milagro, Merlet, Sailor Jerry, Solerno and Dodd’s.

Not sold yet?

You can also expect exciting introductions into the spirit scene with the likes of newest Irish whisky, Teeling, which is also the first new distillery in the whole of Dublin in over 125 years. Or fair trade spirits from Fair, the largest selling Indian single malt, Paul John, and the extremely flavoursome new single potato vodka, Vestal.

With activities, drinks and food for everyone and anyone, Whisky Live 2015 is definitely the event you want to be at. Unless you’re under 18. I’m so sorry for your loss then. What are you waiting for really, it’s literally the water of life.

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