1460 Tteokbokki: The First Rainbow Bingsu In Singapore


We have come to chase after all things rainbow in colour, from layered cakes to bagels and even rainbow cheese toasties. And now, perhaps the Rainbow Bingu from 1460 Tteokbokki will elevate your love for Korean shaved ice.

1460 Tteokbokki, a little store located on the first floor of Cineleisure Orchard is the first in town to serve up this colourful creation. The shop is designed to imitate Korea’s street food scene, albeit in a much cosier and hipper setting.

Its interior consists of dark warm lighting and a counter that stretches across the length of the entire shop showcasing their range of hip street food.

Two long wooden tables are placed parallel to the counter at the entrance for customers to eat at (no sitting down – it’s street food!) as K-pop beats play in the background, with a trash bin conveniently placed in the middle for you to clean up once you’re done.

1460 Tteokbokki Rainbow Bingsu-1

1460 Tteokbokki’s Rainbow Bingsu ($6) is prepared behind in the kitchen upon ordering, though perhaps taking a tad too long than what is reasonable for a bowl of shaved ice.

The bingsu arrives simply in a paper bowl, in a myriad of colours of mostly purple, blue and green, topped with a handful of tiny marshmallows. Not very rainbow-ish. But is it still Instagram-worthy? Yes.

1460 Tteokbokki Rainbow Bingsu-2

The ice itself is finely shaved and fluffy, a trait evident in the lack of effort needed to scoop a large loose mound of it with the plastic spoon. The sauce is sufficiently creamy, leaving a mouthfeel not unlike ice cream.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a nice little surprise – equally colourful Fruity Pebbles cereal, buried and mixed within the bottom layers.

Don’t take too long to snap the perfect insta-shot; while the top of the dessert remains unchanged for the most part as you click away on your phone, the bottom of the bingsu will begin to melt and form what resembles partially melted ice cream, and the otherwise crisp fruity pebbles will turn dreadfully soggy.

Is it worth the price? Yes, if you’re just looking to scratch a bingsu itch. Should you come back for seconds? Not really.

1460 Tteokbokki’s rainbow bingsu is adequately executed, but otherwise not mind-blowing in either flavour or looks. One will fare better going for their other offerings such as the potato tornado and odeng instead. However, it’ll make a great dessert post on your Instagram, if just for the kick of it.

Expected Damage: $6 per pax

1460 Tteokbokki: Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, #01-02, Singapore 239695 | Daily, 1200-2200 | Tel: 6737 8879 | Facebook