The new Megasaurus burger from 4Fingers – Did our jaws survive the #MegaChallenge?

How big is too big? 4Fingers is out here testing the limits with the newest addition to their menu: Megasaurus (S$11.45 for à la carte, S$12.95 for combo). If you’re looking to flex your jaw-breaking skills to your pals, then this one’s for you. 

The beloved fried chicken chain is out with yet another item that’ll have both your eyes and mouth widening. The Megasaurus is exactly what it sounds like— it’s their biggest burger yet filled with all the delicious ingredients you’d expect from 4Fingers. I was hyped to check out if I could possibly fit all of the burger into my mouth, and brought a friend along to witness and participate in the #MegaChallenge with me. 

4fingers - #MegaChallenge

The #MegaChallenge basically is being able to successfully take a bite of the whole burger. I definitely doubted my mouth’s abilities when I saw the burger for the first time. Everything was precariously balanced on top of one another, and I was quite afraid that my shaky hands would have them all come crashing down. 

4fingers- close up of the burger

So what can you find in it? Well first off, the burger doesn’t have any buns. Yes, I know that doesn’t make it a traditional burger, but honestly, would you look at that? The monstrous burger has two gigantic chicken thigh chops instead. These are slathered in 4Finger’s signature hot or soy garlic sauces which is the secret to making their chicken taste as good as it does.

It also has cheese slices, kimslaw (kimchi + coleslaw), the usual lettuce and tomato, creamy egg-mayo, and interestingly, a thick slice of bread in between. I’ve always been a loyal fan of their Wingettes & Drumettes, but this was my first time trying their burger. After tasting it, my verdict is that my loyalty is here to stay. 

4fingers - close up of the fries

Be warned, it definitely gets messy and I had a hard time making sure the different layers didn’t slip out from between the chicken. The chicken was a bomb of flavours, and the soy sauce it was coated in went extremely well with the kimslaw. The bread was soaked in all the dripping cheese and sauces, and tasted great with the rich egg-mayo. You also get the option of choosing between Kimchi Fries or Seaweed Fries for free with your à la carte Megasaurus order. If bought separately, the fries cost S$2.50 (small) and S$3.50 (regular).

4fingers - close up of the food

If you’re into such mammoth-sized food, you can also check out the Jaw Breaker Series. It has combos like the Monster Tower (S$11.95) which includes a Double Chicken Chop Monster Burger (S$10.45 for à la carte), fries, and a drink. For something richer, the Cheesy Stacks combo comes with fries, a drink and a Cheesy Chicken Indulgent Burger (S$10.95 for combo, S$9.45 for à la carte).

As for the results of the #MegaChallenge, after much struggle, I sadly gave up on it as my jaw was no match. But I grudgingly must admit that my friend succeeded in it. I suppose you’ll only know of your strengths if you go down to the nearest outlet and try it yourself! Trust me, there are no regrets about this one.

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