Enjoy 7-Eleven’s Chilli Crab Onigiri & More New Ready-To-Eat Meals In Singapore

Looking for alternatives to fast food? Ready-to-eat meals are getting more popular, because it’s just so convenient. 7-Eleven is one of the most common stores to grab a quick bite in Singapore, and they’ve expanded their range of ready-to-eat meals.


Customers can now experience local flavours within their Japanese onigiri, such as their Chilli Crab Onigiri (S$2.50). Sadly, even though I was halfway through the onigiri, the chilli crab filling was nowhere to be found.

They could have been more generous with the filling. Once I got to the chilli crab meat, the umami flavour of the crispy seaweed was overpowered the chilli crab sauce. However, by itself, the chilli crab paste was slightly spicy and savoury.

Not only was the new onigiri flavour quite dissatisfying, but the filling also had chunky bits of what looked like hard-boiled egg whites.


Hoping to redeem my experience with 7-Eleven’s ready-to-eat meals, I had their Chicken Congee (S$2.80). Home-cooked congee usually takes a long time to fix up, but now you could get one in less than four minutes.

The congee had a thick silky consistency that had a prominent ginger taste, which was comforting. It is garnished with dried silverfish and spring onions for added taste. The chicken strips, however, were slightly tough.


Next, we had their newly improved Nasi Lemak (S$3.20). This impressed me the most as the coconut rice had a strong fragrance. This paired really well with their sambal chilli that was packed with the hae bee aroma.

The nasi lemak came with a slice of egg that was underwhelming in sight, and tastewise, did not help to add any flavour to the dish. The chicken drumlet, on the other hand, was well-seasoned. Even though this was the best out of the three ready-to-eat meals, it was not worth the price as you could probably just grab a packet of nasi lemak from a hawker centre for the same price.


If you are looking for a convenient meal that can be heated up within minutes, 7-Eleven’s ready-to-eat meals are great to fill you up. With the new range of choices, consumers could pick between traditional local food to Japanese onigiris.

Date: Now available in all 7-Eleven outlets

Prices: S$2.00 – S$3.20 per pax