7-Eleven collabs with Taste Asia to launch 2 new HK-style ready-to-go meals under S$3

Do you often suffer from a case of post-midnight-munchies? Or, are you always ‘on the go’ therefore, require a quick ready-to-go meal to work into your busy schedule? Either way, this piece of exciting news is for you! 7-Eleven has collaborated with Taste Asia to bring you not one, but two new ready-to-go meals.

Image of Hk-style meals

Fans of congee, you will love the newly-launched HK Minced Chicken Congee and HK Century Egg Congee. Both at S$2.90 each.

Image of promotions

If that’s not all, add in a hot cuppa and make it a combo at only S$3.50!

It’s all about expansion, and that’s what 7-Eleven is all about. With their new affordable line, it’s just going to be more tempting than the previous ones. You can look forward to nine new classic meals and snacks now!

Image of BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese Wrap
Credit – 7-Eleven

Everyone’s favourite, Mac & Cheese is back— in a wrap! I wish they had this back when I was schooling as it would’ve saved me a lot of time. The BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese Wrap (S$3.60) is essentially mac and cheese layered on pieces of popcorn chicken, topped with brown sugar BBQ sauce.

Image of Ciabatta and burger
Credit – 7-Eleven

Where all my bread-lovin’ fans at? You’d love these new additions. The Teriyaki Chicken Ciabatta (S$5.50) and Truffle Scrambled Egg with Chicken Ham Burger (S$3.50).

The ciabatta is a quick-bite meal inspired by the classic Japanese favourite, and consists of roasted chicken breast, teriyaki sauce, shredded pickled cabbage, seaweed flakes, baby romaine lettuce, and hard-boiled egg slices.

Finally, a truffle-based ready-to-go meal! The burger has black truffle-infused scrambled eggs, with the usual breakfast ingredients, between a burger bun.

Image of Cheesy Ham and Corn Onigiri
Credit – 7-Eleven

Here comes the big reveal… the Cheesy Ham and Corn Onigiri (S$2). It’s made of rice and Japonica corn kernel mixture, loaded with cheese and roasted ham.

7-Eleven has also launched three new Western delights at S$4.50 each. Next time you’re there, do grab a meal to sink your teeth into!

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