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McDonald’s Japan Releases New Tonkatsu Burgers For Spring From 4 March To Early April

Not long ago, McDonald's Japan announced the release of their three newest rice burgers, but they've one-upped themselves with their latest invention yet---tonkatsu burgers. For...

Get A Taste Of Spring With NESCAFÉ Smoovlatte Sakura Limited Edition Now At 7-Eleven While Stocks Last

With the spring season quickly approaching, many brands have released sakura-inspired drinks and foods, like Starbucks Japan's new sakura drinks and Spring Blend series....

Try Out 7 Different Types Of Rice On One Plate At Nasi 7 Belanga In JB

Rice-lovers, rejoice! This new eatery in JB, Nasi 7 Belanga, specialises in rice. More specifically, they serve seven different types of rice all on...

McDonald’s SG Brings Back McGriddles + Chocolate Pie & More From 17 Feb

Remember when McDonald's Singapore took the world by storm when they first launched their legendary breakfast item that had the best of both worlds?...

Experience A Blast From The Past With “Coke Zone” The World’s First In-Theatre Coke Cafe In JB

As one of the largest soft-drink moguls in the world, Coca-Cola has definitely captured the hearts of many with its latest creation---Strawberry Coca-Cola. Moving...

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