First dibs: We tried Breadtalk’s new hazelnut roll made with FARMHOUSE’s dark chocolate milk

Not too long ago, we gave the sold-out FARMHOUSE Dark Chocolate Low Fat Flavoured Milk a shot, and now, BreadTalk has joined forces with the beverage brand to bust out the Hazelnut Pudding Roll (S$12.80) that features a creamy, light centre and cake pudding encased in chocolate chiffon that’s made with the popular dark chocolate-flavoured milk.

A flatlay of Breadtalk's roll and FARMHOUSE milk

Chocolate on chocolate is right up my alley because it cuts to the chase and weeds out the weak by giving us what we love—and doing that quickly. There’s absolutely no shame in pairing a fluffy chocolate chiffon roll with light, nutty hazelnut cream that has us sighing in contentment and heading straight to food coma town. This decadent dessert comes at the affordable price of S$12.80, and I say affordable considering the numerous ways you can decide to split this (or just chow it down in one sitting, we won’t tell).

A cross-section of Breadtalk's Hazelnut Roll

While it delivers just what it promises—a chocolatey sucker punch to the palate—its chiffon outer could do with a greater depth of flavour, and increasing the intensity on its cocoa notes would tip the scale a lot more in its favour. Also, my main gripe with most chiffon, pound, and sponge cakes, in general, is that many of them nail the fluffiness at the expense of their moisture. This one’s no different.

A close up of Breadtalk's Hazelnut Roll

Just a touch less dryness would’ve really been the icing on the cake, but overall, it remains a worthy contender. If you remain unintimidated by its very chocolatey profile, here’s me challenging you to pair it with a cup of actual FARMHOUSE Dark Chocolate Milk to really defend your title of biggest chocolate lover in Bedok, and live to tell the tale.

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