Dining-in for up to two persons allowed from 21 June, amongst other new restrictions

As we approach the stipulated end of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), many have held onto the hope that some form of normalcy would be restored again, come 21 June 2021. And a very big part of it includes dining-in at F&B establishments once again.

In a press statement, MOH has announced that dining-in will be allowed from 21 June 2021 onwards, but only for groups of up to two persons. Consequently, even if they were to split across multiple tables, groups of larger than two people are disallowed to dine together at the establishment.

People dining in at CAF Cafe

Dining-in in groups of two allowed

The different examples of permutations with regards to the new restrictions are as follows:

  • One person
  • Two people from the same household
  • Two people from different households
  • A group of larger than two from the same household, but they need to be split across multiple tables with a maximum of two persons per table

Anything apart from the aforementioned scenarios is disallowed.

This new announcement comes as a down-size from the previous group of up to five people, as previously forecasted. MOH has stated that these re-opening plans are being fine-tuned along the way due to the presence of undetected community transmission cases, still.

“Regrettably, we are unable to proceed with our second stage of reopening in light of the latest outbreaks and big cluster that we have discovered in Bukit Merah, and now we have to adjust our plans,” says Lawrence Wong, co-chair of the multi-ministerial task force, at a press conference.

Monkfish liver

May increase group sizes in mid-July

With faster testing and vaccination, dining group sizes may swell to five come mid-July, should the number of community cases be kept to a minimum.

Authorities expect a regular rapid testing regime to have been established by around that time.

Weddings, music prohibited

Despite the easing up of dining measures, other events such as weddings and music will still be on hold as of now.

Wedding receptions remain prohibited until at least mid-July 2021, and even recorded music is not allowed in F&B establishments.

This is to further mitigate the risk of transmission between attendees and diners, respectively.

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