New Sakura Ice Cream From MOS Burger Available Exclusively At Tampines Hub & Hillion Mall

Will there ever be a day where we tire of ice cream?

Imagine my delight when MOS Burger launched a brand new Sakura Ice Cream (S$2.90) flavour to usher in the new year.

Sakura Ice Cream Mos Burger ONLINE 4

Just like the cherry blossoms that grace the streets of Japan every Spring, this ice cream comes in the same delicate pink hue. Intrigued by how sakura would fare as an ice cream flavour, I had to make a trip down to MOS Burger at Tampines Hub.

Sakura Ice Cream Mos Burger 1

True to the poster, the sakura ice cream does come in a pretty pink hue. Which, of course, is prettier on camera.

Each mouthful of the ice cream was smooth and creamy, it was certainly sweet and milky but not cloying, which was a welcome change from sugar-laden swirls from most fast-food joints.

For those expecting an intense sakura flavour, fair warning, the floral note in the ice cream is a barely there. So, don’t expect too much.

Nevertheless, quite a delicious cone on a sweltering afternoon.

This dainty cone is only available at MOS Burger in Tampines Hub and Hillion Mall.

Just like your ephemeral cherry blossoms, there is no telling how long this floral ice cream will be around. So grab your chance to try it if you’re in the area.

Date & Time: Available Now From MOS Burger Tampines Hub and Hillion Mall

Price: S$2.90 per cone