First Dibs: The Wizard’s Brew — Harry Potter-themed dessert bar with whimsical desserts & drinks

Potterheads rejoice, for a brand-new Harry Potterthemed dessert cafe and bar, The Wizard’s Brew, has recently opened on Trengganu Street!

The enchanting space is decked out in mystical, wizard-themed decor and will make you feel as if you’ve been transported to Hogwarts.

The Wizards Brew - Door

Unlock a chamber of secrets when you push open this little black door — the boundary between The Wizard Brew’s enchanting space and the muggles of Chinatown.

The Wizards Brew - Decor

The Wizard’s Brew is adorned with all sorts of wizardry props: from floating candles and multi-coloured clouds to flying books, it’s really a scene like no other.

The Wizards Brew - Decor 01

You can even spot a deer head mounted on the wall — it’s a nod to the significance of the animal throughout the Harry Potter series.

The Wizards Brew - Pheonix Fire

Going beyond the interior, The Wizard’s Brew nails the wizard concept to a T with both their desserts and drinks. The rum-based Phoenix Fire (S$22) cocktail gives you a run for your money with an epic fire show.

Cinnamon is used to ignite the flames above the glass, and it looks almost as if a phoenix may very well emerge from the flames. The expertly mixed fruity drink is also easy on the palate, so it’s not just a feast for the eyes.

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The Wizards Brew - Witches Hat

While you may have seen videos of their flamboyant, showy food presentation floating about the net, it’s not all just for show. Many themed cafes have beautiful decor but lacklustre food, but there’s none of that disappointment here.

The desserts are well-crafted, and you can sense that loads of care has been put into creating a truly magical experience.

The Wizards Brew - Witches Hat Cake

Once the combustible exterior of the Witches Hat (S$19) has burnt away, a stunning chocolate cake fashioned in the form of a pumpkin reveals itself.

The cake features Valrhona milk chocolate mousse, and is decadent and light without being cloyingly sweet. When enjoyed with the crunchy chocolate pearls, there’s an added layer of texture to the dessert. The adorable Sirius Black-shaped chocolate bonbon that’s filled with lemon cream is another thoughtful touch.

The Wizards Brew - The Wizards Brew

The immersive experience doesn’t stop there. After its namesake, The Wizard’s Brew (S$22) comes with a secret spell for you to cast before you conjure up your own potion of a cocktail.

The Wizards Brew - The Wizards Brew Mixed

This drink is on the stronger side, but you can adjust the proportions of each component in this four-piece gin-based cocktail set. Psst, it BUBBLES like one of those cauldrons.

The Wizards Brew - The Reaper's Gold

Continuing deep into the mythical theme, the Reaper’s Gold (S$16) looks like a prop right out of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The Wizards Brew - The Reapers Gold Insides

This tiramisu is masterfully crafted, with the mascarpone and cream filling nicely layered between the coffee-soaked savoiardi. Bailey pearls top the dessert and look like small golden nuggets. Truly a feast for the eyes. If the cream were a little richer, it would be truly epic.

The Wizards Brew - Tapas

While The Wizard’s Brew is a dessert and bar hideout, they do have some small bites that you can grab, too. Their Tapas options like their Quesadilla (Pulled Pork or BBQ Chicken) (S$19) are savoury and indulgent.

The Wizards Brew - Decor 03

If you know a Potterhead (or are one yourself), head down to The Wizard’s Brew for a fantastical, magical experience from start to finish. The Wizard’s Brew will only be getting more magical with their potions-making class and spellcasting demonstration that’s in the works, so keep your eyes peeled.

It seems fellow wizards have already caught on to this enchanting joint, so definitely make a booking in advance via The Wizard’s Brew Instagram page to experience the magic in a snap!

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

The Wizard's Brew

10B Trengganu Street, Singapore 058464

Our Rating 4/5

The Wizard's Brew

10B Trengganu Street, Singapore 058464

Telephone: +65 6966 2134
Operating Hours: 3pm - 12am (Thu to Sat), 3pm - 11pm (Tue to Wed & Sun), Closed on Mon
Telephone: +65 6966 2134

Operating Hours: 3pm - 12am (Thu to Sat), 3pm - 11pm (Tue to Wed & Sun), Closed on Mon
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