New twists to a pair of old favourites: Hello Panda and Yan Yan BOTH launching in all-new flavours

So many of the classic snacks from our childhood have disappeared but a few are going stronger than ever. Hello Panda and Yan Yan by Meiji have already stood the test of time and are now giving a new generation of kids (and adults!) more opportunities to make sweet memories with all-new flavours.

hello panda caramel
Credit – Meiji

Bite through a crispy, adorable panda-shaped biscuit and be rewarded with gooey cream on the inside. That is the simple but irresistible appeal of Hello Panda. Now, you can swap the original chocolate for Caramel flavour!

Available in the same 50g packs, they are perfect to hide under your desk and enjoy midway through a boring presentation or lecture. If you are a responsible snacker, hold off till recess or break time. You can’t miss the new bright orange pack, a homage to the golden hue of caramel.

yan yan cup
Credit – Meiji

Yan Yan, too, is all about the perfect combination of biscuit and cream, but in stick-and-dip form instead. Who would have thought that the newly-introduced Yan Yan Yoghurt would give the classic Yan Yan a run for its money?! That’s exactly what’s happening with this revolutionary and exciting flavour.

And don’t dismiss it as just another concoction of heavenly sweetness. Meiji’s innovative approach to healthy snacking means that this creative version is a certified source of calcium. That means it will help you— and your kids, if you are in a sharing mood— build healthier bones to carry home Yan Yan packs and strong teeth to bite into an endless array of them!

yanyan yoghurt
Credit – Meiji

Catch this novel addition to the Yan Yan line-up in stores today. You won’t be able to overlook the reimagined bright blue packaging!

Hello Panda Caramel and Yan Yan Yoghurt will be available from 1 June 2022 at all leading retailers, and are halal-certified.

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