10 Alcohol Delivery Services in Singapore To Drink Up At Home

Looking for alcohol delivery in Singapore?

Finding alcohol to drink at home is now official business with the ongoing pandemic. Singapore bars are offering pre-mixed cocktails and DIY cocktail kits, which is great if you’re just looking for a tiny tipple in the evening. Those of us with booze instead of blood in our veins, we might need just a little more.

I know some of us may already have stocked up on the essentials—alcohol—but just in case you’re missing your favourite whisky, here’s a list of 10 alcohol delivery services in Singapore for all your boozy needs.

1. Wines N Spirits

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Wine N Spirits Online 2
Credit – Wines N Spirits

For the wine and whisky lovers, this is the alcohol delivery service you need. Wines N Spirits brings us a selection of wines ranging from Wolf Blass to Penfolds, whiskies from Yamazaki to Laphroaig Distilleries, and other well-known spirits such as Bacardi and Grey Goose.

Not only does Wines N Spirits offer alcohol delivery, there’s a ton of perks when you purchase from them, too. Ordered a bottle of Star of Bombay Gin? You’ll be eligible for six Bombay Sapphire Balloon glasses! I’m sure you can never have too many collectibles.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Wine N Spirits Online 3
Credit – Wines N Spirits

Even better, you’ll get in on the exclusive promotions like complimentary whisky pairing dinners, wine masterclasses and more. And if you’re looking for a pretty gift this Mother’s Day, might we suggest the Roku Gin + Earring Mother’s Day Set? Wines N Spirits worked with Ferne Atelier to design this handmade Roku Gin earring set, incorporating two of the six botanicals from the gin—yuzu and sakura.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Wine N Spirits Online 1
Credit – Wines N Spirits

Wines N Spirits is also offering cocktail bundle packs, which consist of your favourite liquor packed with mixers, and a bottle of Gudsht cocktail. Freshly made upon order, these cocktails come with tongue-in-cheek names like Deez Nuts, Sangrila Utama and Unicorn Barf.

With delivery available seven days a week, you’ll also get free delivery for orders above S$100!

Delivery Fees: Free delivery for orders above S$100 | S$10 delivery charge for orders S$100 and below

Wines N Spirits: Tel: +65 9223 7443 | Opening Hours: 10am – 6pm (Mon to Fri), 12pm – 2pm (Sat & Sun) | Facebook | Instagram | Website

2. Prime Liquor

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Prime Liquor Online 1

With alcohol delivery service within 45 minutes of placing your order, Prime Liquor is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a swift way to booze up. They deliver up to 3am daily, so you’ll be able to get your boozy fix.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Prime Liquor Online 3

The wide selection of alcohol available means that there’s something for every shade of alcoholic out there. But more than just delivering alcohol, they also educate the drinking community on their social media platforms through trivia quizzes.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Prime Liquor Online 2

For the Koreaboos amongst you, you’ll be happy to know that Prime Liquor offers the Jinro Soju Bundle (S$68 for five bottles, U.P. S$75, S$88 for eight bottles (U.P. S$120). They even have the ever-popular Soju Carbomb (S$95 for five soju and 12 Carlsberg, U.P. S$110), so you can go for somaek all night long.

Stay home, stay safe, and let Prime Liquor bring the party to you!

Delivery Fees: Free delivery for orders above S$100 | S$8 delivery charge for orders S$100 and below

Prime Liquor: Tel: +65 8133 3943 | Opening Hours: 12pm – 2am (Mon to Thu), 12pm – 3am (Fri & Sat) | Facebook | Instagram | Website

3. Jarbarlar

If you’re looking for a seamless shopping experience when it comes to getting alcohol delivered, then Jarbarlar is a good choice.

Alcohol Delivery Guide Jarbarlar Online 5
Credit – Jarbarlar

Started by a group of alcohol enthusiasts who want to discover new tastes and satisfy their drinking palates, Jarbarlar offers alcoholic beverages from around the world with competitive pricing.

Their bundle deals are the most value-for-money—some of them come with CapitalLand vouchers as well. Additionally, you can also look forward to 5% off with a minimum of S$150 spent, while the offer lasts. Perfect for those five-people drinking sessions!

Alcohol Delivery Guide Jarbarlar Online 6
Credit – Jarbarlar

But my favourite part has to be the loyalty programme that I rarely see in alcohol online stores—each S$1 spent entitles you to 5 points, and you can exchange the loyalty points for S$5, S$15, S$30 or S$50 vouchers.

Alcohol Delivery Guide Jarbarlar Online 1
Credit – Jarbarlar

With one of the lowest minimum spending for delivery, it’s super convenient to click in and get yourself a little boozy treat. A S$50 order will entitle you to free delivery, Plus they deliver seven days a week—any day is a good day to drink, after all.

Orders made before 4pm will arrive the next day, while those after 4pm will come in the day after.

Delivery Fees: Free for orders S$50 and above | S$8 delivery charge for orders under S$50

Jarbarlar: Facebook | Instagram | Website

4. Pints & Bottles

Here’s a company with something a little different. Not only does Pints & Bottles do alcohol delivery in Singapore, but they also offer customisable alcohol events for weddings and parties—something to keep in mind, when this pandemic is over.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Pints & Bottles Online 1
Credit – Pints & Bottles

For now, check out their on-going promotions: a bottle of soju will set you back just S$8.80 (with minimum purchase of eight bottles), and you can get bottle bundle deals for other liquors from S$88.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Pints & Bottles Online 3
Credit – Pints & Bottles

There’s even a soju and Milkis bundle for S$78! Step aside, somaek (soju and beer).

The more the merrier, so click on ‘add to cart’ and get free next-day delivery with minimum spending of S$70. If you need same-day delivery, there’s a S$19.90 surcharge but without minimum spending.

Pints & Bottles: Facebook | Instagram | Website

5. iShopChangi

Ishopchangi Online 8

Looking for wines, spirits, and craft beers at tax and duty-free prices? Then iShopChangi.com, the online tax and duty-free store of Changi Airport, has got to be your one and only solution. With prices as low as S$3.50 for a bottle of beer, S$11 for a bottle of wine, and spirits going at only S$31, iShopChangi is probably one of the cheapest spots to get booze delivered to your doorstep. 

A wide range of variety aside (yes, iShopChangi offers more than 600 tax-absorbed items for purchase without flying!), expect to discover limited edition as well as more exclusive products such as the Inniskillin Reserve Gold Vidal Icewine (S$113.68) and The Macallan Enigma (S$388.30).

Ishopchangi Alcohol Deliver2
Credit – iShopChangi

Travellers can shop in advance to skip the queue and avoid the crowd by choosing to collect your items at any of the four terminals at Changi Airport. Non-travellers, on the other hand, can purchase your tax and duty-free alcohol through iShopChangi and get them delivered free of charge with only a minimum of S$59 spent! 

That’s not all; shopping at iShopChangi also allows you to earn Changi Reward points. If you have enough points to spare, feel free to use them to offset your online purchase instantly—it’s convenient and fuss-free.

Delivery Fees: Free delivery with minimum spending of S$59

iShopChangi: Facebook | Instagram | Website

6. Spirit Bay Singapore

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Sprit Bay Singapore Online 1
Credit – Spirit Bay Singapore

Most alcohol delivery services tend to require a minimum order for free delivery, but not Spirit Bay Singapore. Initially created as a platform to reach out to consumers, Spirit Bay Singapore doesn’t charge on delivery, nor do they have a minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Delivering daily until 10.30pm—pending approval for an extension to 3am, Spirit Bay Singapore sends the alcoholic package to your doorstep within 24 hours. If it’s a real boozy emergency (get this man a shot of tequila, stat!), you can fork out S$10 for same-day delivery.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Sprit Bay Singapore Online 3
Credit – Spirit Bay Singapore

With ‘looking out for the little guys’ as their motto, Spirit Bay Singapore even gave out small bottles of wine to those working behind the scenes during this pandemic, and those affected by this crisis. Grocery warehouse packers, grounded air stewards and healthcare workers—a small gesture of cheer to be sure, but one that brightened their days.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Sprit Bay Singapore Online 2
Credit – Spirit Bay Singapore

Interested to support this alcohol delivery service with a heart of gold? They’re even running promotions on Glenfiddich and Monkey Shoulder whiskies, at S$65nett per bottle.

Delivery Fees: Free delivery | S$10 delivery charge for same-day delivery

Spirit Bay Singapore: Opening Hours: Until 10.30pm (Daily) | Instagram

7. Alcohol Giants

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Alcohol Giants Online 1
Credit – Alcohol Giants

Island-wide, same-day delivery, affordable prices, and a wide alcohol selection—Alcohol Giants has it all.

Staying in the far reaches of Punggol (sorry, North-East dwellers), or the ulu areas west of Boon Lay? Alcohol Giants will brave the journey and deliver to your doorstep, any day of the week. Do note that free delivery is valid for orders above S$150, otherwise it’s a flat rate of S$10 island-wide.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Alcohol Giants Online 2
Credit – Alcohol Giants

With soju going for S$12 per bottle and S$60 for six bottles, why not whip up some easy DIY soju cocktails? Spirits go for as low as S$45 per bottle, so you know you’re in for a good time without breaking the bank.

Delivery Fees: Free delivery for orders above S$150 | S$10 delivery charge for orders S$150 and below

Alcohol Giants: Tel: +65 9830 1741 | Instagram

8. Paneco SG

Fuss-free alcohol ordering and delivery? Yes, please.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Paneco Sg Online 2

Paneco SG offers free next-day delivery for your favourite tipples, no matter if you fancy wines, beers, or spirits. Simply place your orders before 4pm, and you’ll get your drinks the next shipping day.

Do note that if you’re only ordering wine, you’ll need a minimum purchase of S$80 for free delivery—otherwise, you’ll have to shell out S$8. But with the variety available on Paneco’s website, it’s not hard to find your preferred mix of wines, beers, and spirits.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Paneco Sg Online 1

Whisky lovers, in particular, will appreciate the range of scotch products. With almost 400 choices available, pick your poison from Speyside, Highland or Islay.

Psst, head to the Promotions section on their website—you just might snag a bottle going for up to 50% off!

Delivery Fees: Free next-day delivery & wine-only delivery S$80 and above | S$8 delivery charge for wine-only delivery | Additional S$5 surcharge for same-day delivery | Additional S$19.90 surcharge for delivery within two hours

Paneco SG: Tel: +65 6817 9598 | Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Daily) | Facebook | Instagram | Website

9. Alcohaul

What’s the one thing you need when drinking with friends? Entertainment, of course!

Alcohaul offers just that, with a selection of drinking games available for delivery as well. From beer pong sets to bowling drinking games, to even mahjong and more, there’s more than enough to kick things up a notch while drinking.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Alcohaul Online 1

The aspiring bartenders amongst you will be happy to note that Alcohaul also stocks various bar tools and implements. Misplaced your bottle opener? The Multi-Purpose Bottle Opener/Corkscrew (S$4) will have your bottle open in a jiffy. The brave souls can even try their hands at slicing open a champagne bottle with the Classic Wood Champagne Saber (S$218).

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Alcohaul Online 2

Not to forget the alcohol selection—with beers and ciders, spirits, wines, sakes and shochu, liqueurs and flavoured syrups, the list is extensive as it can get.

Delivery Fees: Free next-day delivery for orders above S$100 | S$10 delivery fee for orders S$100 and below | Additional S$5 surcharge for same-day delivery | Additional S$19.90 surcharge for delivery within two hours |

Additional S$10 surcharge for delivery to Sentosa | Additional S$7 surcharge for delivery to BBQ pits in any of the National Parks

Alcohaul: Tel: +65 6240 6822 | Opening Hours: 12pm – 10.30pm (Daily) | Website

10. Cellarbration

A clever portmanteau of ‘cellar’ and ‘celebration’, Cellarbration is your one-stop alcohol delivery service, with brick-and-mortar stores as well. They stock over 600 varieties of wines, beers, and spirits, so there’s something for everyone.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Cellarbration Online 2

If you’ve heard of Cellarbration, you’ll probably know of their warehouse sales, especially at the Ubi outlet. Don’t worry, you can browse the selection online as well. Prices go as low as S$12.60 for a bottle of white wine—talk about jaw-dropping.

Sign up for their free membership, and you can also access their exclusive seasonal promotions and event invitations. Plus, you’ll get 10% off all non-promo items, both online and at Cellarbration outlets.

Alcohol Delivery Singapore Cellarbration Online 1

In trying times like these, it may not feel like there’s much to celebrate—but a tipple or two won’t go amiss in cheering you up!

Delivery Fees: Free single-location delivery for orders at S$99 and above | S$8 delivery charge for orders under S$99 (next-day delivery) | S$12 delivery charge for orders under S$99 (same-day delivery)

Cellarbration: Opening Hours: 2pm – 10pm (Daily) | Facebook | Website

So, raise a glass—it’s not quite the end of the world, but let’s have a party (with safe-distancing) to celebrate life, anyway.

For those of you who prefer ready-made tipples or DIY cocktails, why not check out the boozy options from The Old Man Singapore, Brass Lion Distillery and COMPENDIUM?

Remember to drink responsibly, party while you #StayHome, and stay safe!

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Wines N Spirits, Prime Liquor, Pints & Bottles, Spirit Bay Singapore & Jarbarlar.