Jiang Nan Chun 江南春 (Four Seasons) CNY Menu 2014: Singapore food review

“Doing classic Chinese dishes right”Jiang Nan Chun CNY Menu

Jiang Nan Chun is about authentic, classic Cantonese fares with heavy emphasis on the Chinese roots. Even the restaurant name is aptly “South of the Yangtze River during springtime” to evoke a beautiful Chinese set imagery while dining.

On to my 5th lo hei session so far, finding Jiang Nan Chun was a bit tricky being hidden in a corner amongst the various ballrooms of Four Seasons Hotel.

Jiang Nan Chun Yu Sheng

Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng. I still like my traditional sweet Yu Sheng compared to the savoury one I tried at Park Palace CNY menu tasting, this was lavishly arranged in the Chinese character ‘吉’, which means ‘luck’. I quickly gobbled up the mandatory Chinese New Year Yu Sheng.

Jiang Nan Chun dim sum

From front: Steamed Scallop Dumpling with Shrimp and Diced Vegetables, Deep-fried Beancurd skin roll with black moss and dried oyster. I loved the scallop meat, but didn’t really appreciate my dumpling being invaded by diced vegetables; the spinach infused skin was adequate enough to add that slight refreshing taste.

The fried beancurd was crispy and you don’t actually taste the usual iron, powdery taste of dried oyster. This was surprisingly pleasing.

Jiang Nan Chun double boiled chicken soup

Double-boiled Chicken soup with Fermented Black Garlic and Fish Skin. I loved this dish, not just because I’m Cantonese but because… ok it’s because I’m Cantonese and I love soups. Doubled boiled to produce a concentrated black garlic and chicken flavour, the fish skin was absolutely soft, yet light to the bite like jelly. Really well done soup.

Jiang Nan Chun Cod Fillet

Steamed Cod Fillet with Ginseng and Cordycep Flowers. A very simple dish made with a common ingredient fish, this shouts Chinese in every way. The fish also sits on a bed of steamed egg whites, and the combination texture of fish and soft egg with the soy sauce is really tasty. Biting into the Ginseng however can be a tad overzealous on the herb flavour.

Jiang Nan chun fried rice

Fried Duo of Grain Rice with Assorted Seafood. A very multi-textured experience, the crispy fried shredded scallops further enhanced the duo rice grain types with more contrast. A very exquisite use of ingredients, and way more flavourful than using deep fried rice grains.

Jiang nan chun double boiled chinese pear

Double-boiled Chinese Pear with Ginseng. Another very authentic Chinese dessert, it also comes with a shot of Calamansi juice to cleanse the palate and of the bitter Ginseng taste. The pear is boiled till soft and infused with Ginseng goodness. I feel my vitality go up with every sip.

Jiang Nan Chun’s Chinese New Year menu is more classic and straightforward than most restaurants, concentrating on good ingredients and recipes of the ages. If your family is very traditional, this is the restaurant to have your reunion dinner.

Jiang Nan Chun CNY menu 2014 starts from Jan 8 – Feb 14, 2014.

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Expected Damage: From SGD 108++ per pax

Jiang Nan Chun 江南春 Chinese Restaurant : 190 Orchard Blvd, Four Seasons Hotel (2nd floor), Singapore 248646 | Website