LiHO TEA x Grab presents limited-edition Mickey Mouse tumbler, glowing pearls and more

We’re reaching the end of 2021, and the bubble tea hype is still very much prevalent. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, you’d be glad to know that LiHO TEA has collaborated with Grab to bring you a Green Grape Pearl topping that is enjoyable with zero sugar.

If that’s not all, there will be a limited-edition Disney Mickey Tumbler available for purchase too! Both items will be available from 16 December 2021 to 31 January 2022.

Oat Avocado, Green Apple Fruitea and Honey Limeade Tea
Credit – LiHO TEA

The ‘glowing pearls’ will be made with green grapes. In addition to being naturally sweet, they are packed with vitamins and minerals and have a multitude of benefits—helping to lower blood pressure and weight management. In addition to their health benefits, green grapes can also help increase metabolism and energy levels. The pearls are sweetened with stevia—a natural, low-calorie sugar substitute—to retain the sweetness while removing the negative health effects of sugar. In other words, it’s a healthier sugar alternative!

For the best pearl pairing, LiHO TEA has created three unique and fruitea-ful drinks, the Oat Avocado (S$6.90 for medium, S$7.90 for large), Green Apple Fruitea (S$5.50 for medium, S$6.50 for large), and Honey Limeade Tea (S$4.20 for medium, S$5.20 for large). A Bundle of Three will cost S$15.90 for medium and S$18.90 for large, and the addition of the Green Grape Pearl will cost S$0.90.

 Disney Mickey Tumbler

Credit – LiHO TEA

The Disney Mickey Tumbler will be up for grabs at 30 selected LiHO TEA outlets. The 500ml tumbler is designed specifically for bubble tea enthusiasts as it’s also paired with a straw that’s shaped for your toppings.

Worried about the temperature of your drinks? Have no fear as the tumbler is double-walled and designed to keep your drinks at their desired temperature for extended periods of time. The tumbler is only available for purchase when you buy any drink from the series or in bundles of three.

The Green Grape Pearl Series will be available at all LiHO TEA outlets and on the GrabFood platform.

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