Where to eat: 20 food places in Tampines to feast to your heart’s content

There’s no town like Tampines; a thriving hub in the East of Singapore. Tampines is home to more delicious nosh than we can keep up with. From the dependable and satisfying hawker food to the trendiest of street food, I dare say, Tampines has it all.

There’s no time to waste; we’ve rounded up 20 food places in Tampines that will make hunger pangs and cravings a thing of yesteryear.

1. Im Thai Kitchen

Storefront of Im Thai Kitchen in Tampines

Im Thai Kitchen serves up authentic Thai food at an affordable price. Run by a Thai owner, I had high expectations for her offerings.

Plate of Minced Meat With Hot Basil Leaf

Indeed, you will not be disappointed. The Minced Meat With Hot Basil Leaf (S$5.50) comes with white rice, a glistening fried egg, and lip-smacking spicy pork or chicken. We had the pork version, which was fattier, and I much prefer that. This dish was savoury and delectable, with the rich sauce soaked into the rice for a mouthful of deliciousness.

1 Tampines Walk, Hawker Centre @ Our Tampines Hub, #01- 40, Singapore 528523
+65 9224 5992
Daily: 11am – 12am
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2. Fluff Stack 

Souffle pancakes from Fluff Stack

Fluff Stack is a place that needs little introduction and as their fourth outlet, it’s clear that the pancake house is still going strong. The All-time Classic (S$9.80) features two pillowy stacks topped with snow icing powder and crowned with a quenelle of chantilly cream.  On the edge of the plate, you have a ball of homemade honey butter and a serving of Canadian maple syrup.

These pillowy and fluffy discs had an unmistakable burnt smokiness which elevated its flavour profile, counterbalancing its strong egginess especially when eaten together with the maple syrup.  Yes, when the going gets tough, there is nothing a serving of souffle pancakes can’t cure.

10 Tampines Central 1, #01-31 Tampines 1, Singapore 529536
Sun to Thu: 11am – 9:30pm
Fri & Sat: 11am – 9:45pm
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3. Three’s A Crowd

Store front of Three's A Crowd

This homely cafe was an accidental find, but it has now become one of my favourite ice cream and waffle places. Three’s A Crowd is located at Tampines West MRT, so it is pretty accessible.

Pandan waffle and ice cream

Their Pandan Waffles (S$7) came with a nice golden-brown crust to reveal a bright green shade on the inside. I loved how crisp the waffle was on the outside, yet soft and fluffy on the inside. I dare say, the waffles are just as good as Creamier’s. My only gripe was that there wasn’t much pandan taste to them.

The Salted Caramel Ice Cream (S$3) was good, too, as it was pretty well-balanced. It was creamy and smooth with a distinct saltiness. There is also a 50% off your second waffle, making it all the more worth it.

ChopeDeals: Get 1-for-1 Ice Cream Churro Waffles at Three’s A Crowd >

802 Tampines Avenue 4, #01-11, Singapore 520802
+65 6702 0700
Daily: 12.30pm – 9.30pm
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4. L32 Handmade Noodles

L32 Geylang Handmade Noodles 06

Food courts tend to be more expensive as we get to enjoy our food in the comfort of air-conditioning. However, sometimes we end up sacrificing the quality of food. This does not apply to L32 Handmade Noodles. Those familiar with their flagship stall along Geylang will be mighty pleased that they have a branch in Tampines too.

Their popularity is evident from the snaking queues, regardless of the time of day. I got the Dry Meatball You Mian (S$5.50), and I quickly realised why it was such a favourite.

The noodles were cooked till al dente, which gave it a nice bite. The sauce was a tad too sweet for my liking but still palatable. I liked that the pork balls were springy yet tender, and the garnishes helped further elevate the flavours in the bowl of noodles.

The star of the show was the soup at the side. An egg was cracked into it, reminding me of egg drop soup. The broth was very flavourful with a subtle sweetness. With the silkiness of the egg, it was so good. I then understood why so many people were still ordering the soup version, and I would probably follow suit the next time. It’s definitely worth breaking a sweat for.

10 Tampines Central 1, Tampines 1 Kopitiam, #05-05, Singapore 529536
Daily: 11am – 9.30pm

5. Beef Bros

Store front Beef Bro

Practically a household name, Beef Bros has cemented themselves firmly as one of the kingpins of the flame-torched meats. Sexual assault scandal aside, their Signature Beef Cubes 130g (S$7.90) are pretty tasty.

Beef cubes from Beef bros

These squares are usually enjoyed with the addition of Mentaiko Sauce (S$2). These are prepared upon order, which I appreciated. After generously layering the Mentaiko Sauce on top, they are then blow-torched for a smokey finish.

Beef cube from Beef Bros in Tampines

I liked how the beef cubes were nicely torched on the outside, succulent on the inside. My only gripe was that the cubes were somewhat inconsistent, with some being slightly tougher than others.

The Mentaiko Sauce was delectable and enhanced the flavour of the beef. It was creamy with a nice crunch from the ebiko. There are also free flow sauces on the side for those who love their dips.

2 Tampines Central 5, Century Square, #B1-38, Singapore 529509
Mon to Fri: 11am – 9pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 9.30pm
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6. Lawa Bintang

Store front of Lawa Bintang

Nasi lemak is a dish that’s easily accessible but to find a place that serves a good plate may be more of a challenge. On the other hand, Lawa Bintang is one place that serves up a decent plate of deliciousness. They serve a wide variety of ingredients, including seafood, which are freshly imported from Malaysia daily.

Plate of prawns and nasi lemak

I got the Nasi Lemak Udang (S$9), which came with seven large prawns and fragrant nasi lemak. The prawns were not only huge but juicy and fresh. The spicy-sweet sauce brushed on top of it further elevated the flavour of the prawns.

I also liked that the rice was distinctly coconutty while maintaining its fluffiness. The yolk was also oozy, which is always a good thing.

9008 Tampines Street 93, Singapore 528843
Tue to Thu: 8am – 2pm
Fri: 10am – 2pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 2pm
Closed on Mon

7. The Social Outcast

Storefront of The Social Outcast

It’s not every day you get to see a Muslim-owned business in a coffee shop—with a charcoal & hickory wood grill oven. The Social Outcast hopes to shake up the halal food scene and shift away from the perception that halal burgers “must be like Ramly burgers”

French Onion & Mushroom Beef Burger

Have at the French Onion & Mushroom Beef (S$10.90), where you get sauteed mushrooms and gorgeously caramelised French onions with a rich and deep sweetness. Plus, a remarkably juicy beef patty and buttery brioche bun will never make you want for anything more.

280 Tampines Street 22, Singapore 520280
Mon & Wed to Sun: 11am – 10pm
Closed on Tue
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8. Nimman Soi 9

Ex-owner and Chef Jane Pamakham of now-defunct Jane Thai at Orchard Towers is back to serve you mouth-watering authentic Thai delights at Nimman Soi 9 at Tampines.

Plate of prawncake from Nimman Soi 9 in Tampines

Expect a host of Thai favourites, such as the Pandan Leaf Chicken (S$6)Prawn Cake (S$10), and the Prawn Omelette (S$6). But, of course, what impressed us was the Thai Fried Kway Teow With Chilli (S$5.50), a dish that I took a chance on without expecting much.

The wok hei was incredibly aromatic, and it was spicy enough to make you break out in a decent sweat.

201 Tampines Street 21, 21 Street Eating House, Singapore 524201
+65 8569 2482
Mon to Fri: 9.30am – 9.30pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 10pm

9. Yummy Sarawak Kolo Mee

Yummy Sarawak Kolo Mee Storefront

I know wonton mee gets all the heat for being the go-to noodle dish, but trust me when I tell you Kolo Mee is where it’s at. At Yummy Sarawak Kolo Mee, there are over to dozen dishes to choose from but try their Signature Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee (S$4) first.

Signature Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee

While most kolo mees come with a mound of minced pork and char siew slices, this stall was pretty different and served fried wontons, dumplings, pork ribs, char siew slices, as well as a dash of chilli padi on the side. The kolo mee was accompanied by a soy-based sauce, which added a fragrant saltiness to each bite.

137 Tampines Street 11, #01-45, Tampines Round Market & Food Centre, Singapore 521137
Daily: 5am – 3pm 

10. Song Han Carrot Cake

Everyone knows my love affair with carrot cake, and I’m talking about the hawker kind. There are many famous carrot cake stalls in Singapore, but Song Han Carrot Cake is the only one that has curry powder in their carrot cake.

Plate of carrot cake from Tampines round market

Song Han only has four dishes on its menu: Fried White Carrot Cake (S$2/S$3), Fried Black Carrot Cake (S$2/S$3), Fried Carrot Cake With Prawn (S$3/S$4/S$5), and Fried Black and White Carrot Cake (S$3/S$4/S$5). For just S$2 a plate, Song Han’s carrot cake is one of the cheaper ones around.

I loved Song Han’s carrot cake because it was handmade (which I could immediately tell from its irregular shape). Texture-wise, the radish cubes were soft and delicate, like boiled yam, and I also liked that it wasn’t too oily.

137 Tampines Street 11, Tampines Round Market & Food Centre, #01-07, Singapore 521137
Mon: 6.30am – 10am
Tue to Sun: 6.30am – 1pm 

11. Ho Yun (Hong Kong) Tim Sum

It’s always a good time for dim sum, and if you’re in a pinch, Ho Yun (Hong Kong) Tim Sum is where you’ll want to go. Everything on the menu costs less than S$4, so rest assured that your money will be well spent.

Plate of fried dim sum

There is an open display where you can have your pick of goodies at their individual prices or choose up to four items for S$3.50. Go for favourites such as the Fried Spring Roll 炸春卷, Carrot Cake 萝卜糕, Fried Prawn Dumpling 炸虾饺, and Sesame Ball 煎堆仔.

Bowl of Century Egg Congee

Any dim sum fanatic will tell you, dim sum is not complete without a bowl of Century Egg Congee 皮蛋瘦肉粥 (S$2.70). This one is served in a bowl topped with some spring roll skin as well as some scallions.

Blk 419, Tampines Street 41, #01-80, Singapore 520419
Tue to Sun: 7am – 7pm
Closed on Mon

12. Ninja Chirashi

To those who seek comfort in a warm bowl of rice, you’ll be no stranger to the donburi. After all, heaps of meat, fish, and vegetables piled onto steaming Japanese rice harms no one. That’s why Ninja Chirashi is here to satisfy all of your donburi cravings at thoroughly attractive prices.

Bowl of Ninja Lord Donburi

Start with the Ninja Chirashi Don (S$9.90), where you get chunks of fresh sashimi stacked atop vinegared rice and paired off with cucumber, tamago, and ebiko. Then, you get Ninja Chirashi’s secret recipe Japanese sauce that elevates the bowl with a barrage of flavour.

If you’re a truffle lover, the Truffle Chirashi Don (S$11.90) is a perfect option, especially considering it only requires an additional S$2. What a steal.

824 Tampines Street 81, #01-36, Singapore 520824
Mon to Wed: 11.30am – 2pm & 6pm – 9.30pm
Fri to Sun: 11.30am – 2pm & 6pm – 10pm
Closed on Thu
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13. Penang A1 Chendol

Storefront of A1 Chendol & Durian in Tampines

Previously known as the famous Penang A1 Chendol, they have recently rebranded as A1 Chendol & Durian. This is your friendly neighbourhood chendol and durian specialist, which is music to my ears as an unabashed chendol zealot.

Now that A1 Chendol & Durian is your smoothie specialist expect drinks such as Mao Shan Wang Avocado (S$8 Regular, S$8.50 Medium ) and the classic A1 Penang Chendol (S$4 Regular, S$4.50 Medium). There are other crowd-pleasers such as the Cookies & Cream (S$4.50 Regular, S$5 Medium) or more avant-garde flavours such as the Roasted Irish Coffee (S$5 Regular, S$5.50 Medium).

822 Tampines Street 81, #01-186, Singapore 520822
+65 88324338
Daily: 12pm – 10pm
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14. D’Laksa

Storefront of Assam Laksa In Tampines

For those who love assam laksa, this may be the one for you. Assam is a difficult flavour to nail as the balance between sour yet palatable is a fine line. However, D’Laksa does it well, with long queues in Malaysia, where they originate from.

Noodle pull of Assam Laksa

The Assam Laksa (S$4) here was the perfect amount of tart but not overwhelming. It also came with a generous portion of flaked fish which I appreciated. The combination of tartness from the tamarind sauce, sweetness from the pineapples, and savouriness from their prawn paste made the dish very well-rounded.

2 Tampines Central 5, Century Square, #01-36, Singapore 529509
Daily: 10am – 10pm
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15. Mahota Kitchen

Interior of Mahota Kitchen

While their mains may be slightly pricey due to their farm-to-table concept, Mahota Kitchen’s drinks and dessert are pretty affordable. Not only do they have in-house kombucha that’s priced reasonably at S$7, but they also offer creative desserts such as Pineapple Coconut Jelly Cake (S$6) and Sweet Potato Ricotta & Black Sesame Cake (S$6).

Pouring shot of charcoal drink in Mahota Kitchen

One thing that I would always go for is their slow-pressed juices. Priced between S$4 to S$5 per bottle, it is pretty affordable. The Bamboo Charcoal, Pear, Lemon Juice and Coconut Water (S$5) was refreshing and thirst-quenching and are also available at Mahota Market. For those who are health-conscious, this is the place for you.

2 Tampines Central 5, Century Square, #01-11, Singapore 529509
Daily: 11.30am – 10pm
+65 6260 8018
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16. Jin Hock Seafood Resturant

Interior of Jin Hock Seafood

As Singaporeans, I’m sure we all love our zi char. But, with so many zi char stalls at our fingertips, sometimes one needs a signature dish to stand out. Here at Jin Hock Seafood Restaurant, they do.

Doubled-flavoured hor fun

The Double Flavoured Hor Fun (S$15) is something I have never seen before. This dish is done two ways, with standard hor fun and deep-fried hor fun. Judging by the three thumbs up on the menu, I believe it is a crowd favourite too.

Hand holding crispy hor fun

The wok hei of this dish was intense, which elevated the flavours of the dish. The broth was of the perfect starchy consistency, with a crustacean-y base flavour. I especially liked the contrast of textures between the duo. The deep-fried hor fun was crisp on the outside with a chewy middle for a nice bite whilst the normal hor fun was silky smooth.

The portion was also massive, sufficient for two hungry people or even three small eaters. Divide it accordingly, and it is only about S$5 to S$7.50 per person. What a steal for a seafood dish.

844 Tampines Street 82, Street 82 Coffee House, Singapore 520844
+65 6787 4255
Daily: 11am – 2.30pm, 4pm – 11pm

17. Kraft Kitchen

Setting up shop along Tampines Street 81, Kraft Kitchen is a halal-certified cafe serving up a variety of delicious grub at nett pricing. That’s right—there is no GST or service charge when you dine here, making payment fuss-free when you decide to go dutch with your buddies.

Rendang Beef Pot Pie

Boasting Western classics with a local touch, one can expect the unexpected with the food at Kraft Kitchen. One prime example is the Rendang Beef Pot Pie (S$15), featuring flaky and buttery craft pastry that encases a homemade recipe of beef rendang stew within—this is an absolute must-order when you dine here.

For a main dish that is undoubtedly generous in portions and big on flavour, check out The Rooster (S$12). It’s a hunk of a grilled chicken thigh served bone-in. What could be better?

820 Tampines Street 81, #01-526, Singapore 520820
+65 6592 8561
Daily: 11.30am – 10pm
Facebook | Instagram

18. Seoul Sedap

If you are missing Korea, Seoul Sedap is the cure to that wanderlust. Nestled in Kim San Leng coffee shop, this stall along Tampines Street 11 aims to bring Korean cuisine into the heartlands. Branching off Seoul Shiok, this is the brand’s third outlet, with the other two in Ang Mo Kio and Bukit Batok. This one, however, is Muslim-owned.

Bowl of army stew from Seoul Sedap in Tampines

Get their Korean Army Stew (S$12.90 for mini, S$25.90 for regular), which comes in two sizes. While the latter is good for sharing with one to two other diners, the former is a more personal affair, being served for one.

If not, the Soft Tofu Stew With Rice (S$8.50) appeals with a combination of freshly curdled soft tofu swimming in a broth empowered by a bounty of seafood.

138 Tampines Street 11, Kim San Leng, Singapore 521138
Daily: 10am – 9pm
Facebook | Instagram

19. Gopizza

Starting as a small food truck in Korea, Gopizza emerged from the stereotypical mindset of pizza as a “red-ocean” business, growing into a local sensation with their unique take on this common dish. Using their specially patented oven, Gopizza can produce up to six top-notch quality pizzas using their daily made par-baked dough in under five minutes. Not only does this cut down on your waiting time, but it also ensures maximum freshness when the pizza reaches your table!

Korean Bulgogi Pizza

Prepared daily with a three-step fermentation process, the Korean Bulgogi Pizza (S$13.90) base was—as expected—thin and extremely soft, especially towards the centre. Appealing to the kid in all of us, the Bacon Potato Pizza (S$13.90) is a carb-on-carb combination of your dreams.

10 Tampines Central 1,Tampines 1, #05-05/06/07, Singapore 529536
Mon to Fri: 11.30am-9pm
Sat & Sun: 11am-9.00pm
Facebook |Website | Instagram

20. 19Tea Singapore 

Here’s another Korean chain for you: 19Tea Singapore boasts over 40 outlets serving Korean-inspired milk teas and soufflé pancakes. The meaning behind the name of the brand was to provide affordable milk tea for ₩1900, which is approximately S$2.20.

Three drinks from 19Tea in Tampines

Have your hand at unusual milk teas on the menu, like the Injeolmi Milk Tea (S$3.90 for 500ml, S$4.90 for 700ml), Meringue Milk Tea (S$5.90), and Jollypong Milk Tea (S$3.40 for 500ml, S$4.50 for 700ml). At 19Tea, it will be remiss if you didn’t try their soufflé pancakes. I ordered all three different types of soufflé pancakes, the Original Soufflé Pancake (S$3.90), Matcha Soufflé Pancake (S$4.20) as well as the Tiramisu Soufflé Pancake (S$4.20).

1 Tampines Walk, Tampines Hub, #01-82, Singapore 528523
Mon to Fri & Sun: 10am – 9pm 11am – 10pm
Sat: 11am – 10.30pm
Facebook | Instagram

Tampines is huge, with its four big malls, countless coffee shops, and cafes—there is no lack of good food here. With a new spot opening every other day, Tampines is an endless treasure trove of food, and we’re only getting started.