Gwendolyn Lim

Will Pink Pineapples Be The First Unusual Fruit Of 2017?

2016 has been a pretty weird year but it's also given us some wonderfully weird fruits like a square watermelon, bubbleberries and now... a...

Little Bastard: A Secret Water Hole For Some Serious Drinking Affair

I was contemplating penning this down...but I shan't be selfish, and will let the cat out of the bag and lead you through the inconspicuous walkway to...

CocoCane: The Newest Lovechild of Coconut And Sugarcane

Yay to Woodlanders! Here is a healthy drink option for you. Conveniently located in between the MRT and Bus interchange, CocoCane, as the name suggests,...

Dofu: Vegan Ice Cream That Tastes Like Tofu?

Vegan ice cream? What sorcery is this! There is already the unbeatable Llao Llao, long-standing contenders like Yoguru and Sogurt, coupled with countless ice cream stores in Singapore...

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Secretly a wild child who drinks but never gets drunk. A soft spot for anything furry, flowy egg yolks and matcha.
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