10 best food spots in Century Square to visit for hotpot, ramen & more

Having grown up in Tampines, I’ve seen Century Square blossom from a quiet neighbourhood mall to a bustling shopping centre with 6 levels of retail, entertainment and F&B options. 

Though you’ve got no shortage of malls in Tampines, Century Square has certainly grown in the last couple of years, especially after its massive S$60 million renovation that was completed in 2018. Now, this sparkling new mall houses close to 50 F&B merchants, a 24-hour gym, and even the National Library Board’s first-of-its-kind virtual library!

From ramen to dim sum, and even hotpot that’s open till 2am, here are the 10 best food spots in Century Square you need to check out.

1. Fatburger & Buffalo’s (#03-05/31)

century square - fatburger

Nestled on the 3rd floor of Century Square, Fatburger & Buffalo’s is virtually unmistakable. Its bright blue backdrop and iconic black-and-white checkered flooring, make it visible even as you’re standing on the top most floor of the mall. 

Halal-certified Fatburger & Buffalo’s is a well-known burger chain from America, with a legacy spanning 70 years. Though it’s considered a fast-casual restaurant, it prides itself on having every meal cooked-to-order. That’s right— you won’t find any heat-lamps or microwaves here!

century square - fatburger 2

At Fatburger & Buffalo’s, go for its best-selling Fatburger, which comes in 4 sizes: Original (Single) (S$9), Double (XXL) (S$12), Triple (XXXL) (S$15) and last but certainly not least, the whopping Quad (XXXXL) (S$17)

If the 4 stacked patties from the Quad aren’t enough for you, try ordering add-ons to your burger. These come in the form of Cheese, Egg, Beef Bacon, American Chili, Onion Rings (2 pcs) and Shrooms, and cost S$1.50 each.

While most people come to Fatburger & Buffalo’s for its classic burgers, we recommend you give its world-famous Buffalo’s Chicken a try too. These buffalo-style chicken wings are available as Bone-in Wings (from S$7) or Chicken Tenders (from S$5), and come with your sauce of choice, ranging from Death Valley to BBQ.

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2. Haidilao Hot Pot (#02-22)

century square - haidilao

Admittedly, when Century Square was done with its renovations in 2018, the first restaurant I made a beeline for was Haidilao Hot Pot

While this famed steamboat chain has plenty of outlets in Singapore, including one with AI robots, this marked the first Haidilao Hot Pot restaurant in the Tampines area. Consider me excited!

century square - haidilao 2

At Haidilao Hot Pot, my go-to soup bases are the Tomato Soup (S$20) and Haidilao-styled Bai-Yu Soup (S$32). Pair those with classic hotpot dishes like Sliced Pork Belly (S$18), Signature Beef (S$38) and my personal favourite, the Signature Mashed Shrimpwah (S$25), for a fantastic feast.

Of course, as hotpot is highly customisable, feel free to order according to your fancy. This could range from not-so-common soup bases like Thai Tom Yum Soup (S$20) to the ever-numbing Sichuan Spicy Soup (S$25), and ingredients like Chinese Bullfrog (S$11) and Octopus Slices (S$10)!

Note that Haidilao Hot Pot’s outlet at Century Square is open daily till 2am, making this a great supper spot for those living in the area.

+65 6781 6116 / +65 6781 5115
Daily: 10.30am – 2am
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3. Ji De Chi Dessert (#B1-03)

century square - ji de chi

You’ll find Ji De Chi Dessert in the basement of Century Square. Though the seating space is quite limited, with about a dozen tables or so, this dessert place is where you head to if you’re craving something sweet after dinner. 

century square - ji de chi 2

Ji De Chi Dessert is most well known for its towering snow ice series, which come in a myriad of flavours. From Durian Snowy Ice (S$8.60) to Milo Snowy Ice (S$7.60), and even the classic Chendol Snowy Ice and well-loved Milk Tea Snowy Ice, there’s more than 10 flavours available for you to choose from.

Apart from snow ice, Ji De Chi also sells classic Chinese desserts like Yin-Yang Paste (S$3.60), Sesame Paste w Tang Yuan (S$4.60) and Yam Paste (S$4.60). For those craving something with a more substantial bite, try its Mango Sticky Rice Roll (S$6.60) or Coconut Cake (S$3.60).

+65 8831 1051
Daily: 10.30am – 10pm
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4. Kanada-Ya (#01-34)

century square - kanada ya 2

Walk along the outskirts of Century Square facing the CPF Building and you’ll find Kanada-Ya

This famous ramen restaurant was founded by none other than Mr Kazuhiro Kanada in 2009, and has grown immensely over the past decade. Now, Kanada-Ya is available in 5 countries: Japan, London, Barcelona, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

century square - kanada ya

Purists can go for Kotteri Tonkotso Ramen, which is made using Kanada-san’s original award-winning recipe. 

This ramen is available in 3 forms: Basic (S$14.90), which comes with 3 slices of chashu belly, wood ear fungus, spring onions and 1 piece of nori; Regular (S$16.90), which sees the addition of a hanjuku egg; and the Special (S$18.90), which has the whole works, including 4 slices of chashu belly.

Looking for something different? Try Kanada-Ya’s Truffle Ramen (from S$22.90) for that aromatic kick, or go for the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen (from S$16.90).

+65 6926 0505
Daily: 11am – 10pm
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5. Kenny Rogers Roasters (#02-20/27)

Is a listicle about Century Square ever complete without mentioning one of its biggest constants? I’ve dined at Kenny Rogers Roasters for as long as I can remember, and patronised it frequently during my schooling days.

century square - kenny rogers 1

Loyal fans will remember when Kenny Rogers announced that they would be closing all its outlets, including its last remaining outlet at Great World City, in April 2019. It only took the brand 4 months to undergo a revamp, and its return in Aug 2019 saw a new owner and menu.

It’s to my pleasant surprise that Kenny Rogers Roasters chose to reopen at Century Square once again, bringing along its perennial classic corn muffins, mac and cheese, and rotisserie chicken, as well as halal certification.

century square - kenny rogers

Kenny Rogers Roasters is famous for its rotisserie chicken, so be sure to get its Kenny’s Quarter Meal (S$13.90), which comes with a quarter chicken, two sides, and of course, Kenny Rogers’ famous corn muffin. Additional sides, such as my favourite Macaroni & Cheese, are available at S$3.90 each.

Big eaters can go for Kenny’s Chicken & Pasta Meal (S$15.90), as it includes a quarter chicken and your choice of spaghetti (beef or chicken bolognese, carbonara or aglio olio). Coming with your family? Try Kenny’s Family Meal (S$42)— it features an entire whole chicken, 3 bowls of sides, 4 muffins and drinks.

+65 6223 0512
Daily: 11am – 9.30pm
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6. Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant (#01-01)

century square - swee choon 2

Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant is one of the oldest established dim sum places in Singapore, with over 40 years of history. While most folks head over to its original outlet at Jalan Besar for a bite, what you might not know is that they’ve got another outlet on the first floor of Century Square too.

Though it’s labelled as an Express outlet on its website, note that this particular location has its own dine-in area, unlike its counterpart at NEX, which is located within Food Republic.

century square - swee choon

Thankfully, Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant at Century Square still sells a wide range of dim sum. You’ve got your all-time favourite Rice Roll with Prawn (S$4.90), Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (S$5.80), fried Char Siew Bun (S$4.80), and my personal favourite, the Yam Fritter (S$3).

Interestingly, Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant also sells desserts in the form of HK Style Salted Egg Yolk French Toast (S$4.20) and Peach Gum & Snow Fungus Dessert (S$5.30).

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7. Mediumrare by Saveur (#01-35)

century square - mediumrare by saveur

century square - mediumrare

With its chic modern interior, boasting molecular hanging lights, marble tables and velvet curtains, Mediumrare by Saveur is the perfect place to head to for date night.

While Saveur is most well known for its authentic French fare, Mediumrare by Saveur is an extension of the main brand and specialises in Australian steaks.

century square - mediumrare 2

If you’re on a budget, you might be pleased to know that Mediumrare by Saveur offers affordable cuts of steak, such as its Argentina Striploin (S$24) and New Zealand Ribeye (S$24). All steaks come with mesclun salad, one side dish and your choice of sauce.

Feeling bougie? Go for more luxe steak cuts, such as the Angus Ribeye (250gms) (S$46), AUS Tenderloin (S$46), or even order the Black Angus Prime Rib (1kg) (S$130), the latter of which feeds 3-4 pax.

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Chope Reservations

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8. The Tree Cafe (#03-34)

century square - tree cafe

Most folks are familiar with The Tree Cafe’s most popular outlet at Funan Mall, as it sports rustic tree-like decorations and even swing benches as seats! 

You won’t have to travel to Funan Mall to soak in the chill vibes at The Tree Cafe any more, as it just opened its newest outlet on the 3rd floor of Century Square in Jan 2023. Its latest location sports gorgeous wall murals (all of which are hand-painted by its creative team), a swing chair, soft velvety chairs, and plenty of greenery and fairy lights.

century square - tree cafe 2

Whether or not you’re here for breakfast or just to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, The Tree Cafe’s got pretty much everything covered. There’s the classic Breakfast Special (S$13), as well as other popular brunch options like its Chic & Waffles (S$11.50) and Breakfast Pancakes (S$11.50).

Its Western options are quite diverse, ranging from Rock Honey Chicken (S$11.50) to Sous Vide Duck Confit (S$16.90) and even Beef Steak (S$18.90)! There are also burger, pasta and rice bowl options.

Students, remember to show your student card, as you get S$2 off all items (except soup & salad, kid’s special snacks, desserts & drinks) on all days of the week, excluding eve of/and public holidays!

Daily: 12pm – 9pm
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9. Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles (#01-42)

century square - tongue tip

On rainy days, there’s really nothing better than a piping hot bowl of noodles.

Halal-certified Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles is a great option, as it serves up authentic Lanzhou beef noodles, with a savoury beef broth made from more than 15 types of herbs and spices. Plus, all its noodles are hand-pulled by masterful noodle chefs, making it extra entertaining to watch!

century square - tongue tip 1

My go-to order whenever I’m at Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles is its Signature Beef Noodles (S$10.90 for small, S$13.90 for large). Its clear beef broth is comforting yet full-bodied, while its beef slices are tender and meaty. Not to mention, you can pick from 8 noodle types, such as Normal, Thin, Thick, Thicker, Flat and even Triangle!

Spice lovers, go straight for its Mala Beef Noodles (S$11.90 for small, S$14.90 for large), or if you’re craving some appetising, try its Sauerkraut Beef Noodles (S$11.90 for small (S$14.90 for large). You can also choose to top up S$5 to make it a set meal, and it’ll come with a serving of braised egg, side dish and a drink.

Daily: 11am – 10pm
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10. Markozar (#01-40)

century square - markozar

Located on the first floor of Century Square, right next to Gong Cha, is Markozar. Don’t mistaken its circular, colourful treats as donuts, as this unique dessert kiosk serves up martabak instead!

Martabak is a popular Indonesian street food, and can be described as a folded pancake with sweet and/or savoury fillings. The sweet variation is known as martabak manis, and usually comes with toppings like cheese, chocolate, condensed milk and margarine, while its savoury counterpart is known as martabak telur.

century square - markozar 2

Though Markozar is just a simple kiosk, its wide range of martabak manis will make you drool. 

Lined in eye-catching row after row are various types of sweet martabak, such as its popular Nutella Falls (S$6.80), which is martabak manis topped with butter, cheese, milk, nutella chocolate and digestive biscuits. There’s also the Choco Rush (S$6.80), which features martabak manis topped with butter, cheese and chocolate rice. 

Markozar also sells deep-fried snacks like Banana Fritters (S$3 for 5), Portuguese Egg Tarts (S$1.80) and Keria Viral (S$5.80), which are sweet potato donuts coated in caramelised gula melaka

Daily: 11.30am – 8.30pm
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